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As a natural change agent, I will join the team as a Fractional Executive.

What exactly is a "Fractional Executive"?

In plain terms, it means I will have the full accountability of a typically employed executive, but I will not engage on a full-time basis.

How much engagement will be needed?


This will be as varied as the teams I serve.  The basic engagements are 6 months or more in duration and 20 hours or more per month.  Many engagements start off with more hours per month, tailing off as the engagement transitions to a steady state. We will work together and develop the plan that aligns with your needs and your budget.

Natural Change Agent - what does this mean specifically?

I am a seeker of change. Change is hard and messy, I run toward it naturally. I will push you out of your comfort zone and rock the boat.

If these sound like things that you need, then we just might be a good fit.

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Let's have a conversation; there is no charge for the initial consultation.

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