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Agile today is about Business Agility. 

This is a focus on business outcomes as a goal - YOUR business outcomes.

As executive consultants and facilitators, we work with your team to implement this powerful business outcomes focused framework.

We will work with you to create a custom packages that can include not only initial roll out, but training and certification as Path to Aglitly Practitioners.

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An Outcomes-Driven Approach To Business Agility

9 Business Outcomes

Before an organization embarks on the road to agility, the leadership team uses the Path to Agility framework to identify and prioritize business outcomes that are best suited to their organization’s needs and goals. The frame-work provides nine common business outcomes, based on many years of experience, that provide a starting point for alignment:


Path to Agility’s outcomes-based lens helps organizations evaluate where they are on the road to business agility and map out what they should focus on next--no matter where they are in their journey.


Being outcome-focused, rather than practice-driven, means the P2A framework is not intending to prescribe how to implement agile. The emphasis is on building agility, not “doing” Agile. The objective is to help the organization achieve what is needed in order to thrive. The P2A Framework has natural dependencies between outcomes and the outcomes build upon and strengthen each other.

9 Business Outcomes of a successful Agile Transformation