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As a leader, should you be anonymous?

This wandering thought came to me as I noticed that some profiles on LinkedIn do not include photos. It struck me as odd. Probably because I use LinkedIn photos to "see what someone looks like" when I am meeting them for the first time for a coffee or at some other networking event.

I want to start by saying that I have discussed this with some folks and have discovered that there are some real reasons not to include your photo. Some examples would be that you are female or a person of color and do not wish to be discriminated against based on your photo. While I wish this were not a real reason, it is.

However, of all of the reasons I have heard, none apply to senior, or executive level people. If you are at the senior-most levels, it would seem to me that you have either overcome the lack of or taken advantage of your privilege in the working world. You have moved to where merit actually matters. These are the folks I am curious about in this little rant.

From my point of view one can manage or create an atmosphere of "the manager and the helpers" without things like integrity, candor, transparency and being open. However, to be a leader who aspires build something beyond self serving; these kinds of things are just pre-requisites.

So, with that statement in place, is "hiding behind" the "blank face" image on LinkedIn an indicator of something deeper? Could it indicate a lack of value of being open or transparent? Could it indicate the person is hiding from something? Is this an honest to goodness declaration of manager over leader?

These are in fact a rhetorical questions since no matter how answered, my next question is --- "well, then why not just put your picture out there?".

Maybe this is just another silly thing that occupies space in my brain and has no real meaning at all, but then again - these are my rants....

As always, I am open to people telling me just how wrong I am and helping me see another point of view - please feel free to rant against my rant!

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