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Focus starts with "NO"...

I hear it all the time; "we need to focus" and I could not agree more. The irony is that this sentence is often followed by a list of nine or ten things to be focused on.

To truly focus means to pick one thing and apply all energy toward it. So, the truth beside this fact is that you will have to say no to the other 8 things that are great ideas.

This is simple, and it is very hard.

You will need to set in place a process which forces all ideas to be held to task and that no new great idea can be given the time of day unless you are prepared to abandon the current one.

If your company is like so many others and it seems that you have no focus - ask around - look around - find the process that ensures focus and equally important - the person accountable for that process.

If you can't find one - this is what I refer to as a root cause and it will need to be addressed - you guessed it - as a focus until done.

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