Fractional / interim 

Focus Areas

Culture Focus

  • Discovery and documentation of the business Culture

    • This is the “right bus” half of the Right Bus, Right Seat equation

    • This starts with the executive team and will create a clear and measurable methodology to build a healthy culture

    • Used in the hiring and on-boarding of all new employees

    • Used to evaluate continued fit with the company

  • Agile transformation / reinvigoration

    • Focuses on the Agile Mindset and what it means to “be” Agile not just “do” Agile

    • Business value delivery is the primary measure of success of an Agile Culture

    • Clear metric definition and adoption

Org Focus

  • Understanding and Documenting clear lines of singular accountability

    • This is the “right seat” half of the Right Bus, Right Seat equation

    • Not the same as an org chart which tracks authority and HR responsibility

    • Gives clarity of role starting at the executive level and cascades outward

  • Restructuring the Organization

    • This is the org chart that joins accountability with lines of authoritative decision making

    • Specifically focuses on voice of the customer

    • Facilitates/reacts to M&A activities to reduce overhead and balance people with new priorities

    • Facilitates/react to significant product focus changes to ensure the correct talent is on board and balanced correctly across all departments (right bus / right seat)

Process Focus

  • Identification and documentation of known processes

    • This is the starting point for any process improvement which can mean reduction and/or removal of outdated processes 

    • Create clear and concise communication of core processes to drive adoption by all

  • Process enhancement for change management 

    • Facilitates/reacts to a move to focus on voice of the customer 

    • Facilitates/reacts to M&A activities to correct process redundancies and/or conflicting processes 

    • Creation of process evaluation loops to update process in times of steep growth or change 

Goal Focus

  • Corporate goal creation

    • Goal setting starting at the executive level

    • How to create goals at every level without falling into the “they must cascade” trap

    • Goal adoption and accountability which ties directly to role accountability

  • Goal shifts in rapid growth or change environments

    • Flexibility without loss of accountability

    • Energizing a healthy and empowered team

    • Creating the “process” of goal setting and accountability

Company Expansion Projects​​

  • Physical Location Evaluation / Buildout

  • Product and departmental analysis for new location

  • Budget management

  • Foreign Entity Setup

  • Vendor management


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