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Mountain Range


Will Simpson

Servant leader and with a passion for developing high performing teams. Expertise in building and leading new business units, change management and process streamlining in rapidly changing environments.

Skilled at communicating complex issues in terms that a wide range of stakeholders can understand and embrace; add value by streamlining operations to increase operational efficiencies and transform businesses. Serve as the high profile company face/voice of technology to customers, partners, and vendors.

Senior Executive Leader, and Business Transformation Expert with a track record of turning around underperforming departments and accelerating growth in business units, teams, and products by leveraging Agile and Lean philosophies.

Offering  Executive Coaching and Consulting Services to move your team and your organization forward.


  • Coached team to choose and set up additional physical location; including foreign entity formation, complete re-balance of product focus, staffing and budget.

  • Boosted growth initiatives by focusing on internal investment. Adopted/implemented Agile philosophies that resulted in fastest feature release in company history.

  • Aligned Compliance and Marketing teams to create process to bring customers into use compliance. Attained clients’ buy-in for compliance. Increased revenue $1.1M; pitch and monitoring were then integrated into overall process as key revenue stream. New structure was credited for moving ‘loss’ to significant and positive revenue outcomes.

  • Created product expert support team for diagnosis/troubleshooting and ownership of issues. Reduced initial resolution time by 50% in six months and eventually 90%.

  • Restructured Product and Engineering teams to focus on new product running one year behind schedule. Reset leadership team to embody building software in Agile Culture. Improved efficiency/velocity by 38% in five months. Reached target 20% ahead of schedule.

  • Strategically reorganized teams from bottom-up using novel technique where team members selected their own teams.

  • Shifted from ‘ship and install’ model to SaaS, which included technology stack change.

  • Eliminated backlogged product issues/bugs via introduction of new documented processes and change management tools to eliminate backlog (20% positive efficiency) which paved way for departmental growth (210%) and development of new products.

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